Stick blue tape on the dental chair during the consultation?


Doctor, why do you need to stick blue tape on the dental chair during the consultation?

Blue film(blue tape), also known as anti fouling film, is an impermeable and non reusable protective film used on the surface of objects and


It is a common disposable isolation barrier in dental clinics. It protects equipment and instruments from contamination during use.

Its disconnected design is easy to tear off, and the back has a certain degree of stickiness, making it convenient for nurses to post and


Operating instructions

1.Blue film is a disposable consumable, stick it to the place where it needs to be used.

2.During the diagnosis and treatment process, patients may have saliva and blood discharged.

After medical personnel touch them with their hands, the gloves have been contaminated with blood stains.

If they come into contact with other instruments, blood will remain on the medical instruments.

Blue film is used to stick on the instruments and vessels, and blood stains will only remain on the medical blue film, which plays a role in preventing bacterial isolation and preventing mechanical infections.

3.After the completion of this diagnosis and treatment, directly remove the blue film, handle it together with the gloves of the medical

staff, and use a disposable disinfectant wet wipe to wipe the surface of the clinic object (including the patient’s contact surface and

the surface covered by the blue film). When the next patient is diagnosed and treated, reapply the “new” blue film to achieve “one

person, one use, one replacement”.

  1. The blue film will be posted on the dental chair.
  2. Including lamp handle and lamp control switch.
  3. The interface of the doctor/nurse operation end.
  4. Dental chair armrest.
  5. Turbo high/low speed mobile phone connection port end.
  6. Triple gun interface end.
  7. Strong/weak suction interface end.
  8. On frequently touched functional positions.


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