Openers for dental diagnosis and treatment


Openers for dental diagnosis and treatment

Orthodontic opener is a device that supports the oral cavity through its wings, isolates oral mucosal tissue from dental tissue, and provides a good field of view and working area;

A suction device is a device that uses negative pressure to remove cooling water, saliva, blood, and other substances from dental

phones during oral treatment. Therefore, orthodontic mouthpieces and suction devices are important auxiliary tools for oral diagnosis

and treatment operations.

The four handed technique is a commonly used mode of oral treatment, but due to the diversity of nurse operations, it is difficult to

attract in a timely manner, which can easily cause patients to swallow, cough, and contaminate the operating area. And due to the gap

in medical and health care, the four handed operation mode has not been fully popularized. When doctors operate independently,

they not only need to complete routine treatment, but also need to perform suction and other diagnostic and therapeutic operations,

which seriously affects the efficiency and quality of diagnosis and treatment.

In response to the problem of busy medical and nursing operations in dental clinics that cannot be effectively attracted in a timely

manner, Zhu Jinyan from the Affiliated Stomatological Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University has developed an opening device for

dental diagnosis and treatment. The opening device has been improved to increase its attraction function. This device not only has

convenient clinical operation, but also frees up the hands of medical staff, improves diagnosis and treatment efficiency and work quality.

The device includes an attractor, a connecting handle, an external connector, and a side wall.

There is one suction device on each side, which is cylindrical and has a wrinkled body. The length can be adjusted within a range of 2-4cm.

The head is duckbill shaped and slightly tilted to the cheek side, providing suction. The connecting handle is highly elastic, with a flat

cavity, and the left and right ends are connected to the suction device. The external connector will be connected to the suction device

on the dental comprehensive treatment chair. The lateral wall has a U-shaped structure on each side that is consistent with the

patient’s mouth angle and serves as a support.

This product is made of low-density polyethylene material, with high elasticity, high mouth fit, convenient use, and comfortable wearing.

operational principle

Squeeze the left and right side walls of the new orthodontic suction opening device towards the middle, making the opening device

smaller and placed on the patient’s lips and cheeks, supporting the muscles of the patient’s lips and cheeks, and providing a good view

for the doctor.
Adjust the length of the suction tubes on both sides and place them slightly towards the buccal side of the patient’s molars. Connect

the suction connector on the dental chair to the external connector to suck out contaminated liquid from the patient’s mouth.


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