How to choose a retainer?


How to choose a retainer?

Retainers are of great use in correction.
Friends of correction should have a clear understanding of it!

How long should I wear a retainer?
After orthodontic treatment, everyone needs to wear a retainer.
to maintain the position of the teeth in the alveolar bone,
The alveolar bone is reconstructed to make the teeth more stable.
Orthodontics consists of half braces and half retainers.
Keep wearing it to effectively avoid rebound!

Generally, a retainer should be worn for about 2 years:
It needs to be worn 24 hours a day in the first year;
In the second year, you only need to wear it 12 hours a day.
Wear it when sleeping at night and don’t need to wear it during the day;
Then just wear it 2-3 nights a week.

I didn’t feel tight after putting it on again.
That means it’s time to say goodbye to your retainer.
But before that, the retainer must be kept intact.
If there is any damage, remember to communicate with your doctor immediately.

What types of retainers are there?

There are three common ones on the market:
Laminated transparent retainer,
Harley retainers and fixed lingual retainers.
You can communicate with the doctor after orthodontic treatment.
Choose based on your own preferences and habits.

Transparent film retainer
Looks like invisible braces, removable
It has high aesthetics and comfort.
The retainer wraps every tooth in all directions,
Prevents teeth from twisting and elongating
The tooth retention effect is better.

Its thickness has a certain impact on occlusion,
And it is easy to stain and break,
Multiple retainers may be required during retention.

Harley retainer
Made of resin base and steel wire.
Durable and easy to clean.
It also has certain correction functions.
Ability to adjust back teeth bite and close gaps.

Wear a wire to expose it, and the base is in the mouth,
The aesthetics and comfort are relatively low,
It also caused certain obstacles to pronunciation.

fixed lingual retainer
The archwire is bonded to the inside of the tooth with resin.
Generally, six front teeth are bonded on top and bottom respectively.
It can effectively prevent the front teeth from shifting and twisting.
It is a retainer that doctors recommend to wear for life.

Small size, beautiful and comfortable,
However, it is more difficult to clean and may lead to periodontal problems.
In the early stage, follow-up visits are required every six months.

Daily care tips

Transparent and Halley retainers,
It needs to be removed before eating.
When cleaning the retainer, avoid using hot water.
Just use clean water and a soft brush to clean.
Cleaning tablets can also be used once a week.

Lingual retainers have high oral hygiene requirements.
Flossing and interdental brushes are recommended.
In terms of diet, you need to pay attention to solid foods.
The retainer may fall off due to excessive force.


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