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What are Dental bibs?

Dental bibs are also known as dental scarves. It is frequently used in dental offices. When repairing or cleaning teeth in a dental clinic, dentists usually use dental mirrors, tweezers, probes, cement fillers, cement cutters, split drills, inverted cone drills, ultrasonic scaling machines and other tools.

The material of the dental bibs

Advance International Corp’s dental pads mainly have three types: one is composed of a layer of wood pulp paper plus a layer of PE film; the other is composed of two layers of wood pulp paper plus a layer of PE film; the third is composed of three layers Wood pulp paper and a layer of PE film. And the size is: 3″x18″, (33cmx45cm) 13″x19″ (33cmx48cm), etc., and the size and pattern can also be customized according to the needs of customers. Conventional dental pads are white, yellow, pink, green, orange, purple, black, etc.

Dental clinic scene
Before the dental repair, the nurse in the dental office will use a dental pad for each patient who visits the clinic. This is to prevent the dentist from splashing water or children on the patient when using dental professional tools!

About packaging

We focus on the production of sterilized medical self-adhesive bags, medical disinfection bags, medical three-dimensional bags, medical roll tube bags, Tyvek roll bags, Tyvek top bags, medical crepe paper, SMMS non-woven fabrics, sterilization indicator tape, A comprehensive manufacturer of dental pads, composite film rolls, medical gummed paper rolls, paper trays and other medical packaging materials. It has a 100,000-level purification workshop of 1,500 square meters.

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