Sterilization Pouches Manufacturer


Sterilization Pouches Manufacturer-Shield Packaging & Sterilization Co Ltd

As a manufacturer & trader of sterilization packaging materials, sterile barrier products and medical hygienic materials,Shield

Packaging & Sterilization Co Ltd,commits to provide good service for our every cooperative partner in medical institution, disinfectant

sanitation  and beauty manicure ares.

Our products are competitive,safe and trustworthy, our service are special and unique. We are working on promoting value and

improving brand impact continuously

Founded in 1988, Shield Packaging & Sterilization Co Ltd,is the largest manufacturer of sterilization pouches for medical devices in

China. The main products include medical paper plastic bags, paper paper bags, aluminum foil bags, wrinkled paper, non-woven

fabrics and factory packaging solutions, which are suitable for ethylene oxide, gamma ray, plasma and high temperature steam

sterilization. Sales throughout the domestic medical device manufacturers and medical institutions, and exported to the United States,

Europe, Southeast Asia and more than 50 countries and regions.

Main Office

Our office locates in Hefei, which is the capital of Anhui Province and well known for its scientific research, technology development as

well as advanced education. Its factory is in the west of Yangtze River Delta Zone with plenty of world-class manufacturing industries;

and it takes merely 3 hours by train to the famous port – Shanghai.With 7 holding subsidiaries including a design institute, SHIELD

mainly concentrates its production and services on Pressure Vessels and Containers (Class I, II, III),Chemical Producing Machineries and

Facilities, Packaging and Printing Machines and Lines, Non-patented Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals,Rubber and Plastic

Disposables, Medical Devices of Class I, Building Materials, Customized Circuit Board, Food and Native Products, Home Commodities,

Clothing, Industrial Project Design, and Contract Projects of Abroad Construction.

SHIELD consistently treasures its established business integrity and professional background, and also offers the most flexible working

conditions and development opportunities to the full staffs.

has been one of the most vigrous and fast growing teams in entire SHIELD.


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