Disposable medical gloves


Disposable medical gloves: What are the differences between different materials?

In addition to medical surgical gloves purchased by hospitals, most of us need disposable examination gloves.

According to different materials, disposable medical gloves are divided into four major categories:

PVC gloves (including PVC gloves, mixed gloves)
latex gloves
Nitrile gloves (including nitrile gloves, improved nano nitrile gloves)
Polyurethane gloves (polymer gloves)

The difference between different materials:

1.PVC gloves:

The advantage is that it is cheap and does not cause latex allergies.

The disadvantages are that it has poor elasticity, is not breathable, is prone to sweating and hurts the hands, does not fit the hand, and has a poor user experience, making it not suitable for long-term wear. Pay attention to the plastic restriction order. PVC gloves are not easy to degrade and are not very environmentally friendly.

2.Latex gloves:

The advantage is that the main component of the raw material comes from natural rubber, and the gloves have good elasticity and fit the hand.

The disadvantage is that it contains natural latex protein, which is easy to cause allergies. People who are allergic to latex products cannot use it. Latex gloves are not resistant to grease and cannot be used in catering, petroleum-related, food processing, etc. Not anti-static and not suitable for use in the electronics manufacturing industry.

3.Nitrile gloves:

Advantages: It does not contain latex protein and does not cause latex allergies; it is resistant to grease and some solvents and has good chemical properties; it is antistatic and can be used in the electronic manufacturing industry.

Disadvantages: Insufficient elasticity and poor breathability.

However, there is an improved nano nitrile glove. Although it is also a pure nitrile glove, its breathability and elasticity have been improved, so it has a wider range of applications, can fit the hand, and has a better use experience.


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