Oral Health Tips – Dental Floss Chapter


Oral Health Tips – Dental Floss Chapter

Oral Health Tips – Dental Floss Chapter

Will the gaps between teeth become larger when using it?

The answer is negative!

Using dental floss not only does not enlarge the gaps between teeth, but also provides better protection for teeth!

When brushing teeth, the adjacent surfaces of the teeth are often overlooked,

Bacteria accumulate in these locations,

Easy to form dental calculus, which poses a threat to oral health.

So we need to use dental floss to assist in cleaning these “hygiene blind spots”.

Some people around me like to pick their teeth with toothpicks,

In fact, toothpicks are not a suitable tool for cleaning the gaps between our teeth.


Most toothpicks on the market are made of bamboo or wood,

The fiber is thicker and the surface appears smooth to the naked eye,

There are actually many rough spikes.

And our gums are very fragile,

It is easy to be pricked by these burrs.

Long term use of toothpicks for tooth removal,

Will cause sustained gum damage,

Causing gum inflammation, gum recession, and other conditions.

Compared to toothpicks, the design of dental floss

More gum friendly.

There are many types of dental floss,

But their commonality is that they are all very soft, elastic, and convenient to use,

Everyone can choose the appropriate dental floss according to their own situation.

Dental floss can be divided into two types in terms of shape: scroll type and handle type,

The two forms of dental floss have the same effect.

The advantage of axial dental floss is that each section during the cleaning process is newly extracted,

Not reusable, fingers have good control over the strength of dental floss,

But beginners have a slower grasp.

The dental floss stick comes with a handle, making it easy to operate,

But the same amount of floss is used between each tooth,

You need to remove the tartar from the previous gap before using it again.

Recommend novice players to use a dental floss stick,

Easy to get started, gradually familiarize yourself before choosing according to your own needs

So, let’s teach you below,

How to use dental floss correctly?

Step 1:

Horizontal back and forth friction slowly slides the floss through the interdental contact point and into the interdental space,

Be careful to slide over the contact point with light force;

Step 2:

Scratch up and down against the tooth surface,

Be careful not to bounce your gums;

Step 3:

One tooth gap, both tooth surfaces should be lightly scraped. After cleaning one tooth surface, clean the other tooth surface;

Step 4:

Finally, gently rub the floss upwards and horizontally back and forth, sliding it out of the gap between the teeth, thus clearing one gap.

The dental floss stick can be cleaned thoroughly,

Clean the next gap between teeth.

Finally, I will give everyone another dose of calming pills,

Don’t worry about using dental floss too frequently,

It’s best to use dental floss after every meal~The only thing to note is not to scratch your gums,

Try to move gently and slowly.

Remember to dispose of used dental floss in a timely manner,

Do not reuse~

If you learn, start practicing immediately!


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