What is a dental mirror?


What is a dental mirror?

Dental mirror, also known as dental mirror, is a type of dental instrument. It is a small mirror that can fit into a person’s mouth and be attached to a long handle. Oral endoscopy is one of the most important dental equipment discovered in dental expert examination rooms, although this device can also be used in other occupational fields.

The use of dental masks

1) Obtain indirect vision

(2) Pulling

(3) Indirect lighting

(4) Perspective

Obtain indirect vision

Obtaining indirect field of view refers to observing the surface of teeth or oral structures that cannot be directly seen through a dental endoscope. The surgeon can see the dental instruments inside the endoscope.


Pulling refers to using the oral lens to pull the patient’s cheek, mucosa, or tongue, allowing the doctor to see the surface of the teeth covered by these soft tissues.

Indirect lighting

Indirect lighting refers to using a mask to reflect light onto the surface of teeth in the dark area of the mouth

Tips for using dental masks

Use one of the following techniques to prevent fogging of the reflective surface.

① Use the patient’s buccal mucosa to warm the reflective surface of the oral mirror.

② Please ask the patient to breathe through their nose.

③ Use a specialized anti fog solution to wipe the reflective surface.

④ Wipe the reflective surface with a damp sterile gauze.

⑤ Use a high-speed mobile phone or air gun to spray the reflective surface.

Notes on the use of dental masks

Avoid using a mask to hit the patient’s teeth. Do not let the edge of the oral lens press against the patient’s gum tissue.

The doctor’s index finger and thumb can also be used for pulling, and when pulling the patient’s lips, using fingers to pull will make the patient feel more comfortable than using a mask.


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