Disposable Dental Mirror

Disposable Mouth Mirror

Material: ABS handle
Type: PC lens, glass lens 
EO sterilized Package: 1pcs/bag, 300bag/box, 6box/ctn

■ Introduction

A mouth mirror or dentist’s mirror is an instrument used in dentistry. The mouth mirror has a wide range of uses. Three of its most important functions are allowing indirect vision by the dentist, reflecting light onto desired surfaces, and retraction of soft tissues. There exists 2 different norms of the thread that are not compatible to each other.

■ Features

1.Disposable sterile dental mouth mirror for oral examination prevents cross contamination.
2.Accurate view, precision luminous angle allows 50% more viewable 3.treatment area, assists treatment visibility without distortion
4.High quality, anti-fog mirror with attractive and light-weight design
5.Ideal for oral exam and diagnosis, restorative dentistry, hygiene, air abrasion and trans-illumination
6.Ideal for high -volume offices where interim sterilization is not practical.