Instructions|Dental Saliva Ejectors Disposable


Product Introduction

Disposable suction tube/saliva Tip a disposable device used to extract saliva from the mouth, usually used with a suction device for general dental treatment.

Products Composition

Composed of straw, embedded wire and straw tip. The straw and straw head are made of PVC material.

Product Advantages

  1. Anti-rust alloy copper plating and imported non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly PVC materials, in line with EU environmental standards.
  2. Designed with independent anti-rebound elasticity to ensure that it does not rebound after bending. It is easy to use. The soft and smooth mouth design prevents tissue from being sucked, making it safe and comfortable.
  3. Disposable to prevent cross-infection.
  4. Flat tip design, no meat sucking, strong seal design will not fall off, safe and comfortable.
  5. Made of anti-rust alloy and excellent rubber material, it can bend at the required angle without rebounding.


This product is a single-use product.


Should be kept away from light.


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