Future trends of the oral products industry?


Future trends of the oral products industry?

What is the market status and future trends of the oral products industry?

Market size continues to expand

Xiang Jianqiang, chairman of the China Oral Cleaning and Care Products Industry Association, said that the oral condition of Chinese elderly is not very ideal.

He mentioned that oral health problems are becoming more and more prominent, and the elderly have a high incidence of oral problems.

According to data from the “JD Oral Care Industry Trend Insights White Paper 2023”, the number of people with oral problems in China has reached 710 million.

In 2023, China’s oral product market will reach 128.5 billion yuan, accounting for 1/3 of the global market, and in terms of categories, Users, efficacy and other aspects show new trends.

It is expected that this number will reach 170 billion yuan by 2025.

Product variety enrichment

Domestic oral products have expanded from basic care products such as toothbrushes and toothpastes to include electric toothbrushes, water flossers, mouthwash, toothpaste, chewing gum, tooth whitening agents, orthodontic products, dentures and repair materials, oral medical devices, etc. Diversified product lines.

“Ten years ago, oral care products were designed to clean teeth and solve oral problems. Whitening, anti-allergy, and other solutions to oral problems on the basis of cleaning were the main projects at that time.

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards, there has been an increase in the quality of life and the quality of life.

The pursuit of lifestyle promotes consumption upgrades, and the basic functions of original oral products can no longer meet the needs of consumers.

Young people are more interested in product innovation and appearance,” a reporter from China Consumer News mentioned in the report.

This enrichment not only meets the differentiated needs of different consumer groups, but also promotes competition and innovation within the industry.

Domestic substitution process accelerates

In April 2024, the State Council issued the “Action Plan for Promoting Large-Scale Equipment Updates and Trade-in of Consumer Goods.” The “Plan” mentions: persist in encouraging advanced and eliminating backward.

Strengthen the construction of high-quality and efficient medical and health service systems, and promote iterative upgrades of medical and health institutional equipment and information facilities.

Driven by both policy support and technological innovation, the domestic oral device market is undergoing a process from relying on imports to independent research and development and production.

The domestic dental equipment and appliance manufacturing industry has gradually broken the monopoly of foreign brands and achieved the localization of key oral medical devices by introducing advanced technology, improving production processes, and applying for patent protection.

This not only reduces medical costs, but also helps improve the overall level of dental medical services in China.

Pediatric dental market potential highlighted

As parents pay more attention to children’s oral health, the market demand for oral hygiene products specially designed for children, such as children’s toothpaste and children’s mouthwash, has surged and is expected to dominate the market.

Domestic manufacturers have seized this opportunity to develop products that are safe, interesting, and in line with children’s tastes and oral development characteristics to meet market demand.

Previously, the “Oral Medical Industry Market Prospects and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report” released by the Qianzhan Industry Research Institute predicted that China’s children’s oral health market covering children’s oral care, prevention, and treatment is expected to exceed 500 billion yuan in the next 15 years.

The market space huge.

Future trends

Becoming more intelligent and digital

Advances in technology will make dental products more intelligent and digital.

The popularization of smart electric toothbrushes, remote diagnosis and treatment platforms and other products will improve the accuracy and convenience of oral care, enabling personalized care recommendations and preventive intervention.

In addition, the application of 3D printing, computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) and other technologies in the field of dental restoration will further optimize the diagnosis and treatment process and improve treatment efficiency.

Since this year, most technology brands have launched digital toothbrushes with similar smart digital display functions (referring to an advanced display and control technology integrated on the instrument).

They have created a visual brushing mode through artificial intelligence technology, Internet of Things technology, etc., refreshing the market. Functional perception of electric toothbrushes.

Smart electric toothbrushes can be linked to mobile phones, and toothbrush parameters such as brushing duration, brushing mode, and number of days of use of the brush head can be set directly on the APP.

The toothbrush can also learn and adjust intelligently during the brushing process.

Deep integration of online and offline

The new retail model will deeply penetrate the dental product market, and online e-commerce platforms will become an important channel for product sales, while offline experience stores and dental clinics will provide professional consultation and services.

Online and offline linkage will optimize consumer shopping experience and assist brands in precision marketing and customer relationship management.

Recently, some medical technology companies signed a strategic cooperation agreement with an electric toothbrush brand.

The two parties will explore an online + offline integrated business model in the field of oral health through a combined service form of “oral care products + medical services + health management”.

Carry out all-round strategic cooperation in health management, products + health services and other modules.

The two parties are deeply integrated to achieve complementary advantages and mutual assistance to jointly promote the development of oral health.

In terms of sales channels, we use the rich online medical system and offline network layout of medical technology companies to promote the implementation of oral care solutions.

In terms of product ecology, the electric toothbrush brand provides one-stop medical and health services, constantly optimizing itself based on user feedback and market demand, and improving user experience.

green sustainable development

The deepening of the concept of environmental protection will promote the transformation of the oral product industry into a green and sustainable direction.

The application of biodegradable materials, environmentally friendly packaging, and energy-saving production processes will become new standards in the industry.

At the same time, oral product companies will also increase investment in research and development and launch more environmentally friendly, low-energy-consuming, and recyclable products to respond to consumers’ pursuit of environmentally friendly lifestyles.

An oral care company has officially launched the “Brand Renewal Plan”.

Adhering to the vision of achieving 100% recyclable packaging in the future and based on the 2025 packaging new technology development plan, it systematically considers the selection and production of raw materials in the early development stage of product design. , sales, use, recycling, processing and other aspects of the impact on resources and the environment, and strive to minimize resource consumption and reduce the generation and emission of pollutants throughout the entire life cycle of the product, thereby achieving sustainable development of the environment.

The trend of high-end and personalization is obvious

Consumption upgrading drives the oral product market to develop in a high-end and personalized direction.

With the improvement of economic level and increasing health awareness, consumers are no longer just satisfied with basic oral cleaning needs, but are looking for higher quality, more efficient and more professional oral care products.

This has prompted the emergence of more high-end oral care products on the market that use advanced technology, contain patented ingredients, or provide special effects, such as toothbrushes using nanotechnology and toothpastes containing special formulas (such as whitening, anti-sensitivity, and repairing enamel). , as well as high-end electric toothbrushes and smart oral care devices.

Consumers expect solutions tailored to their specific oral conditions (such as tooth sensitivity, oral pH, risk of cavities, etc.).

Domestic oral brands are actively developing and launching corresponding products, such as interesting electric toothbrushes designed for children, gentle care series for sensitive teeth, etc., in order to seize high-end market share.


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