The correct use of denture case can extend the life


The correct use of denture case can extend the life of Oh!

I. Characteristics of the denture case

1, the denture case has a special filter design, which is convenient for filtering the liquid after soaking the denture cleaning film.

2, good quality suitable for full denture storage placement, is a good companion for middle-aged and elderly people to place


3, beautiful appearance, high-quality PP material, non-toxic and odourless, clean and hygienic, can be sterilised by soaking in boiling


Denture box use method

1 Inject water into the denture box.

2 Put a piece of denture cleaning film into the water.

3 Then put the dentures into the water to soak (soaking time according to the instructions of the denture cleaning film).

4Remove the inner box and clean it with water to avoid secondary pollution.

Third, the steps of denture box care

In order to scientifically and correctly solve the problem of denture box care, boiled down to three words.

(1) ‘remove’

In order to maintain oral hygiene and avoid gum damage, should be done after meals should be removed dentures cleaning. It is even

important to take off the dentures before going to bed and put them into the denture box to keep them in order to maintain the

health of the mucous membrane in the mouth.

(2) ‘Soak’.

Clean dentures with denture cleaning tablets and water can be, do not use hot water, alcohol soak, in order to avoid aging and

deformation. Every night before going to bed, take out the denture box, fill in the right amount of cool water, put in a piece of denture

cleaning tablets to soak.

(3) ‘Sticky’.

If the dentures do not fit stably with the mouth, it is easy to wear down the dental bed, breeding germs and affecting the dietary

health, use professional products such as denture anserine cream to make the dentures fit tightly with the mouth and make chewing



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