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Taking care of oral hygiene

Every smile matters. That’s why our Smile oral care brands – Pepsodent, Signal, P/S, Mentadent, Aim and Prodent – have been on a mission to encourage good brushing habits for over 25 years.

One in two people live with untreated tooth decay

The World Health Organization estimates that oral diseases affect one in two people, compromising healthy smiles all over the world.

Poor oral health impacts children’s self-esteem and attendance at school, and we know that poor oral hygiene can lead to long-term health issues and even life-threatening illnesses such as heart disease. Our oral care brands study the impact of oral disease to inform our programmes.

A simple solution

The solution to ensuring good oral health is simple. First, brushing day and night with a fluoride toothpaste. This reduces the occurrence of cavities by 90% compared to not brushing teeth at all. And second, regular access to professional dental care to keep teeth healthy.

Neglecting oral care and low awareness of good oral care habits are often compounded by a lack of access to professional dental care. It’s particularly difficult in developing countries, where there is often an uneven distribution of oral health services, a shortage of dentists and high treatment costs. This inequality of access leads to some shocking statistics. For example, by the age of 65, the average Indonesian has lost 11 teeth, while in Ghana, four out of five people lose all their teeth.

Our oral care brands are present in more than 25 countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. Through our communications, we promote the benefits of taking care of our oral health so that, like Canhia in this video, everyone can be proud of a healthy smile throughout their lives.


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