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Denture Box Plastic 2-piece Denture Retainer Case

The main function of the denture box with drain basket is to facilitate the doctor to quickly and accurately find the required dental instruments when performing oral examination or treatment on the patient. At the same time, the design of the drain basket also facilitates the cleaning and disinfection of instruments, improving medical efficiency and quality.

Specifically, the functions of a dental box with drain basket include the following aspects:

Classification management: Denture boxes with drain baskets can classify and manage different dental instruments, making it easier for doctors to quickly find the instruments they need.

Cleaning and disinfection: The design of the drain basket makes it more convenient for doctors to clean and disinfect instruments, improving the efficiency and quality of cleaning and disinfection.

KEEP HYGIENE: The drain basket keeps the denture box dry and hygienic, preventing instruments from rusting or contamination.

In summary, the design of dental boxes with drain baskets is of great significance for improving the efficiency and quality of dental care.

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