Dental needle


Dental needle

Dental needle are essential tools in dental medicine, with a wide variety of types based on their usage and design.

Classification of Dental Needles

  1. Dental Injection Needles
    • Definition and Usage: Dental injection needles are manufactured according to the standard YY 0587—2005 for single-use sterile dental injection needles. They are primarily used for drug injections during dental treatments, such as local anesthesia and drug delivery.
    • Structure: They primarily consist of a sheath, a needle, and a needle hub, forming a closed and complete hard-packaged needle unit.
    • Physical Performance Requirements: Including color coding, connection firmness, needle hole patency, absence of visible contaminants, needle tube specifications (length, outer diameter, rigidity, flexibility, corrosion resistance), needle tip, and needle hub.
  2. Dental Irrigation Needles
    • Definition and Usage: Used for oral irrigation, spraying medicated solutions or water into the mouth to achieve cleaning, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, and other effects.
    • Usage Method: Typically, they are for single-use and should not be reused to prevent bacterial infections.
  3. Dental Cotton Swab Needles
    • Definition and Usage: Dental cotton swab needles are commonly used medical instruments in oral surgical procedures and treatments. They are used to wipe away blood and fluids from the oral cavity and surgical wounds, keeping the operative area clean and dry.
    • Types: Including cotton ball needles, cotton thread needles, cotton rope needles, cotton strip needles, cotton ball needles, etc., each with distinct applications such as cleaning, hemostasis, and suturing.
    • Characteristics: Made of pure cotton or synthetic fibers, they are disinfected to ensure high hygiene.
  4. Other Dental Needles
    • Also includes dental probes, root canal files, root canal fillers, etc., which play crucial roles in dental diagnosis and treatment.

Precautions for Using Dental Needles

  1. Disinfection and Sterility: Ensure dental needles are thoroughly disinfected and maintained in a sterile state before use.
  2. Correct Operation: Choose the correct operation method and posture based on the type and usage of the dental needle to avoid damaging oral tissues.
  3. Single-Use: For single-use dental needles, discard them immediately after use; do not reuse them.
  4. Safety Precautions: When using dental needles, doctors should take personal protective measures, such as wearing masks and gloves, to prevent cross-infection.

Market and Supply of Dental Needles

As essential tools in dental medicine, dental needles have significant market demand. Multiple brands, specifications, and models of dental needles are available for medical institutions and dentists to choose from. Additionally, with advancements in medical technology and heightened awareness of oral health, the types and performance of dental needles continue to evolve and improve.


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