What is dental consumables?


What is dental consumables?What materials are dental consumables made of? What are their specific uses?

I believe many people are divided into categories of oral consumables and what are their specific uses? This question is of great interest to me and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

What is dental consumable?

Dental consumables can be divided into public consumables and specialist materials. Specialist materials are divided into consumables for six departments: intraoral, extraoral, restorative, orthodontic, technician and oral health care.

What materials are dental consumables made of? What are their specific uses?

(1) Public consumables: disposable oral examination equipment box, disposable cap/mask/gloves, syringe and irrigation needle, rubber dam accessories, local anesthetic, cotton balls/gauze and other products, disinfection products, work clothes/shoes, protective glasses, Protective equipment, protective masks, X-ray films/rinsing fluid, others.

(2) Intraoral consumable materials: commonly used filling materials, composite resins, adhesives, etching agents, fissure sealants, root canal filling materials, fiber posts/retention screws, root canal disinfection materials, desensitization/anti-caries materials , bleaching supplies, special plastic films, enlargement/pulp extraction needles, root canal files, gutta-percha tips, forming tablets, silver alloy powder, small wedges, rubber dam moisture-proof devices, plaque control products, fluorinated materials, oral ulcer film , deactivating agent, others.

(3) Commonly used surgical materials for extraoral and implantation: implant materials, implants, steel plates/titanium plates, retention nails, artificial bones, and others.

(4) Orthodontic consumables: orthodontic bonding materials, brackets, arch wires, expanders, traction devices, implant nails/handles, traction rings, chain rubber rings, elastic cords, free traction hooks, lingual buckles, Orthodontic dynamometer, retractor, ligation wire, orthodontic push/tension spring, band ring/buccal tube, others.

(5) Restoration and technician consumables: impression materials, temporary restorations, gingival retraction lines, trays, dentures/resin teeth, abrasive tools, emery burs, porcelain powder, porcelain/ceramic materials, alloy/steel, relining and repair Materials, separating agents/denture cleaners, rubber bowls, wires/mesh, wax products, plaster/knives/saws/scissors, precision attachments, grinding and polishing materials, dental trays/tooth powder/water, wax, investment materials, crowns Bridge material, welding rod/welding coal, articulating paper, liquid/oil/agent/glue/powder/sand/paste/pen/nail, warranty card, others.

(6) Preventive health care materials: including fluoride gel, pit and fissure sealants, and oral protectors. In addition, there are backing materials, maxillofacial repair materials, investment materials, smoothing and polishing materials, etc.


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