The all-around glue in the field of dentures is indispensable!


The all-around glue in the field of dentures is indispensable!

Denture stabilizers may not sound particularly special to ordinary people, but for denture wearers, they are like a universal glue, which is not an exaggeration.

1.Difficulty in fixation is a pain point for full denture wearers

We all know that the retention and stability of complete dentures made by traditional methods are influenced by many factors, making

it difficult to achieve good retention and stability effects.

However, complete denture is still a common method for repairing missing teeth in clinical practice. On the one hand, not every

patient is suitable for dental implants, and on the other hand, due to its relatively cheap price, complete denture is the choice of many

patients. Therefore, it is necessary to enhance the retention of removable dentures.

The denture stabilizer has been in use since the late 18th century and obtained its first patent in 1913. After continuous improvement

of its formula, its functions have become more versatile and its performance has significantly improved.

2.How powerful is the function of denture stabilizers?

On the one hand, denture stabilizers expand and fill the small gaps between the tissue surface of the denture base and the mucosal

tissue, increasing sealing and making the denture more stable under atmospheric pressure.

On the other hand, the force exerted on dentures during chewing can be transmitted more to the main support area (main force

bearing area) through denture stabilizers, which not only improves chewing efficiency but also reduces the adverse movement of

dentures during chewing.

The use of denture stabilizers can help patients adapt to complete dentures faster, enhance their medical experience, and reduce

psychological burden. Especially temporary use of denture stabilizers can significantly shorten the adaptation time of first-time

wearers, improve their oral health-related quality of life, and improve the efficiency of denture use

3.Cleaning dentures is also important

Since choosing to wear dentures, besides the stability of the dentures, their cleaning and care is also a noteworthy issue.

Most denture materials are porous resin materials, with a porous surface at the microscopic level, making it easy for bacteria to adhere

to the surface. If not cleaned properly, it may damage the overall oral health of patients, causing problems such as dental caries,

periodontitis, and denture stomatitis. This not only affects the user experience of dentures, but also has a certain impact on their


However, cleaning issues can be improved through denture cleaning pads:

Soaking dentures in warm water containing denture cleaning pads and using a soft bristled toothbrush for daily cleaning can remove

residual bacteria and stabilizers from the tissue surface of the denture, reducing the possibility of infection with denture mucosal



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