Instructions | A small orthodontic chewies has a big effect. Are you using it correctly?


Dental aligner chewies

Friends who are doing orthodontics, do you know what Dental aligner chewies is?

People who wear wire braces may not know this.

Friends who wear invisible braces should be more aware

What is glue chewing!

Dental aligner chewies are specially customized for invisible braces. When using aligner chewies, the invisible braces and teeth can fit more closely, thereby ensuring better correction results.

Total invisible braces correct teeth through a series of invisible braces. If the teeth and braces do not fit well, the entire braces will not function properly and the correction efficiency will slow down.

Therefore, Dental aligner chewies is
Make the attachments on the teeth fit better with the braces, eliminate the gap between the braces and the teeth, thereby making the invisible braces more invisible. The braces deform and move the teeth, making your correction effect more guaranteed!

Dental aligner chewies to prevent braces on your face!

Some orthodontists have teeth that are sore and soft during orthodontics, and they have trouble eating, taking off and wearing braces, etc.
Eat less than usual. If you don’t use your teeth to chew food for a long time, your bite force is not enough, which can easily lead to facial masseter muscle atrophy and facial weight loss, which is called braces face.
The sufficient bite movement provided by biting the tape perfectly solves this problem.

Correct use

Basically in place: Make sure the braces are in place before using bite-size braces. Using bite-size braces if they are not fully in place may damage the appliance, and the resulting incorrect correction force will also affect the correction effect. Put the front teeth in place, then the back teeth, then press lightly, and that’s it!

Pay attention to cleaning: clean the aligner chewies with water after each use, blow dry, and then put it in the braces box to prevent bacterial contamination and mold. If the gum loses elasticity or breaks, please replace it in time.


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