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Oral health care during Ramadan

Oral health care during Ramadan-DURING Ramadan, Muslims will fast from sunrise until sunset, which can lead to dehydration and dry mouth.

This condition, characterised by decreased saliva production, not only contributes to halitosis (bad breath),

but also increases the risk of tooth decay. Saliva is an integral part in the prevention of tooth decay,

as it has cleansing effect, buffering ability and antibacterial action.

The reduced protective effects of saliva during this time highlight the need for heightened oral health awareness and care.

Ramadan bazaars offer a variable of delightful delicacies and sugary beverages.

While these bazaars are closely associated with the Ramadan experience,

they also pose potential risks to dental health.

The high sugar content in many of these indulgences can lead to tooth decay, especially when combined

with the diminished saliva production caused by dehydration due to fasting.


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