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New Arrival Dental Products-March 17-March 27, 2024

Dental Cheek Retractor C Shape Mouth Opener Size S,M,L, Pack of 3

  1. C-type dental Cheek Retractors 3 sizes Small/Middle/Large
  2. Safe and autoclavable, can be sterilized and cleaned by high temperature and high pressure up to135°C
  3. Medical grade plastic 100% BPA FREE.
  4. Easily and in a comfortable way to get a wide view for oral inspection and orthodontic treatment.

二、High-Speed Dental Handpiece 4 Hole, Mini-Head Push Canister Type Turbine, Perfect for Precise Targeting, Power & Efficiency!

  1. MINI-HEAD FOR PRECISE TARGETING: 10. 2mm x 11. 89mm mini-head lets you work with precision. Canister type turbine for easy chairside replacement allows you to minimize office time and extend the life of your high-speed 4-hole dental handpiece.
  2. PAIN-FREE APPOINTMENTS: Our 420k rpm high-speed handpiece is designed to minimize cold sensitivity while gradually breaking down bonding adhesives, giving your patient a pain-free dental visit. 4 hole high-speed dental handpiece that gives you and your patient convenience.
  3. AIR-FREE + ANTI BUR SLIPPAGE: High-speed dental handpiece is built to vent air out the back-end pilot holes to avoid air sensitivity discomfort for the patient. This manual chuck dental handpiece minimizes the risk of bur slippage and ensures patient safety.
  4. LIGHTWEIGHT: Constructed with lightweight, high strength premium materials weighing 55g, this high-speed dental handpiece provides better balance and reduces wrist fatigue. Smooth finish for easy maintenance.
  5. CRAFTED WITH TOP-CALIBER MATERIALS: Titanium shell provides scratch, stain and corrosion resistance against heat sterilization. Ceramic bearings ensure that this high-speed dental handpiece outperforms even after repeated uses. Made in the USA.


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