Which dental appliances are disposable?


Which dental appliances are disposable?

How to confirm that the doctor has disinfected in place?

When patients dental appliances receive dental consultation in the dental department, the cotton swabs or bamboo tongue depressors the doctor takes

out are disposable.

Generally, after the examination is completed, the doctor will put it into a special collection bag and dispose of it.

After the oral examination begins, the pillowcase, table cover, and plastic examination tray set that the doctor takes apart in front of

him, including the plastic-handled mouth mirror, iron probe, and tweezers, are all disposable.

There are also non-cloth hats, masks, and rubber gloves that come out of plastic bags worn by doctors, which are also disposable!

The small plastic bags, hoods, and doctor’s gloves used for taking X-rays must also be thrown into the medical waste bin after use.

When performing oral treatment, the mouth cup, plastic syringe, plastic tube for sucking saliva, the colorful plastic head of the three-purpose gun for blowing and spraying water,

as well as the scalpel blade, plastic handle, and suture needle are basically disposable.

Plastic mouth openers are also available in disposable or personal-specific formats (you can take them away after using them this time

and bring them to your next follow-up visit).

There are very few disposable dental instruments, and they are basically instruments sterilized by higher standards of high temperature

and high pressure.

It is very easy to see blood during oral treatment.

Whether it is the regulatory requirements of the health supervision department or the doctor’s own protection considerations, dental

disinfection is very strict, even harsh.

The entire process from soaking and cleaning to high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization of instruments is actually very cumbersome. In fact, during this process, doctors are more concerned about disinfection standards than patients. After all, doctors come into contact with these devices more frequently.


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