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What is an underbite?

Lower teeth bite on the outside of the upper teeth, some people just teeth anti-maxillary; some people not only teeth anti-maxillary, facial bones are also deformed, known as bony anti-maxillary, manifested in the lack of development of the maxilla a backward shrinkage, the lower jaw is overdeveloped a forward protruding, resulting in the middle of the face concave, the side of the face appearance for the crescent, affecting the aesthetics and functionality. The other name is commonly known as geoblastia.


    Heredity; improper feeding; bad oral habits; early loss or retention of milk teeth, late eruption or misalignment of permanent teeth; dental caries, etc.

What are the dangers of underbite?

Affects occlusal and maxillofacial development

Because the teeth that should be aligned are misaligned, the growth of one side of the jaw will be restricted, and the other side of the jaw will grow unrestricted, resulting in facial deformity.

Affect oral health

Due to the misalignment of teeth, the contact areas between teeth are abnormal, which will hinder daily oral cleaning, lead to plaque accumulation and food impaction, and increase the risk of dental caries and periodontal disease. When the misalignment is severe, individual teeth may loosen and fall out due to excessive force.

Affect oral function

Functions such as chewing, swallowing, pronunciation, breathing, and temporomandibular joint movement depend on normal tooth occlusion and the coordination of various parts of the oral cavity. When underbite occurs, the above functions will be affected, leading to reduced chewing efficiency, blocked swallowing, abnormal pronunciation, blocked respiratory movements, and limited temporomandibular joint function.

Affects appearance

Covering the sky will affect the beauty of the appearance

affect mental health

The functional limitations and facial deformities that occur during crossbite can put a lot of mental pressure or even trauma on patients, causing them to feel inferior and having a great impact on their physical and mental health, growth and development.

Influence the development of systemic diseases

Crossbite is related to the occurrence and development of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, muscle dysfunction and other diseases.


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