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The three main causes of toothache: periodontal, endodontic, and occlusal (arranged from top to bottom). Also, in order of severity from the sequential strengthening.

As we age, our saliva production decreases. Saliva washes away bacteria, and with less saliva, our teeth and gums are more susceptible to decay. After the periodontal gum tissue is lost, the gums will recede, which is a common condition in adults over 40 years old.

How to protect:

To keep your teeth in a healthy state, please clean your teeth twice a year to keep your teeth away from tar and bacteria, and to make your gums strong and flexible without shrinking. In addition, be sure to choose a suitable toothbrush and interdental wire to remove tartar. If you brush your teeth back and forth instead of rotating the brush, it may cause your gums to shrink prematurely.


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