Products Info|Questions About Dental Implants? Doctors Have The Answer.


Questions About Dental Implants? Doctors Have The Answer.

What are the benefits of getting dentures over other tooth replacement options?

Dentures are a popular tooth replacement option for individuals with missing teeth. While the choice of tooth replacement depends on individuals circumstances, here are some benefits: Affordability Non-invasive Quick solution Restoration of appearance Minimal bone requirements Reversible options Custom fit and immediate solution.

Can dental implants be used with jaw bone loss?

Yes, dental implants can be used with jaw bone loss. However, it is important to have enough bone to support the implant. If there is not enough bone, a bone graft may be necessary to rebuild the bone before the implant can be placed. There are a number of different types of bone grafts that can be used. The type of bone graft that is best for you will depend on the amount of bone loss you have and your overall health.

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