Do you need to correct your teeth during the self test of the picture?


Check your teeth in the mirror, is there any of the following?

The number of adult permanent teeth is 28-32, and their shape, position, size, and adjacent relationship should be normal. The midline of the dental arch should coincide with the midline of the face.

After biting your teeth tightly, observe the occlusion for the following conditions!

Normal occlusion: The cavity of the upper row of teeth, facing the tip of the lower row of teeth, with the upper row of teeth in front and the upper row of teeth covering about one-third of the lower row of teeth (self test). Looking at the bite of the teeth from the side in a mirror, the correspondence between the tooth tips and the grooves indicates that the teeth are neat.

Abnormal occlusion may have an impact on daily life:

  1. Chewing function issues
  2. Speech is affected, such as leaking teeth
  3. Difficulty in cleaning can cause oral problems(self test), such as cavities and periodontal disease
  4. Mandibular recession causes breathing difficulties, and mandibular protrusion causes swallowing difficulties.


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