Non Woven Dental Chair Head Rest Cover

Non Woven Dental Chair Head Rest Cover

Material:  1-ply paper tissue + 1-ply poly
Paper: 20gsm, PE:20gsm
2 sizes available: 10″ x 10”and 10” x 13” 
Color: white, green, blue, pink 
Package: 500pcs / ctn

■ Introduction

non woven dental chair head rest cover is made of soft, non-woven fabric that “breathes” and does not rattle. Provides maximum patient comfort. Latex free. It offers economical, -single-use, functional, everyday protection. These reliable barrier offers peace-of-mind for patients and protection for equipment.

■ Specification

1.Material: Two choices: one ply non-woven One ply poly+ one ply non woven
2.Size: 10′x10″, 10″x13″
4.Color: Blue, pink, white etc

■ Features

1.A poly liner also prevents leak-through

  1. Each selection offers distinct characteristics to meet the needs of your office environment
    3.Fabric Headrest Covers is a soft tear resistant cloth like material that is tear resistant
    4.Soft, breathable non-woven fabric
    5.Quiet – does not rustle
    6.Provides maximum patient comfort