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Dental Lab Polisher Ceramic Diamond Grinding Drills Porcelain Burs Kit

🍓1.The Silicone polishing wheel is made of high-quality imported materials,with stable quality,fine craftsmanship,good wear resistance,strong grinding force,high temperature resistance,good heat dissipation and high concentricity.Compared with ordinary pure rubber products,the quality of this product is more stable,and the polished product is finer.

🍓2.The diameter of Silicone polishing wheel is 22mm,thickness is 5mm,and weight is about 3g,the length of mandrel is 47mm,diameter is 2.35mm,and weight is about 2g.
🍓3.In the Silicone polishing wheel kit,there are ten brown,green,black and white silicon rubber polishing wheels,and 12 mandrels.
🍓4.The scope of application is very wide,and it can be used for jewelry making,woodworking and wood carving,literary applications,amateur love,handicrafts,dentistry and models.