Patient Care

Patient Bibs

Disposable Dental Bibs 13″x18″ (125 Pack) – 3 Ply Waterproof Tattoo Bib Sheet for Patients – Dentist or Medical Tray Cover and Nail Table Cover Supplies

WATERPROOF BIBS: Bibs aren’t just for eating! When you go to the dentist, it’s common for your dentist or a dental hygienist to place a bib around your neck. This bib protects your clothing and skin from water splashes or toothpaste splatters. The plastic, waterproof bibs won’t leak, and they don’t leave any residue on your clothing.
GENEROUS SIZE: These bibs are large enough to use on a variety of patients. Measuring 13” by 18”, they cover a large enough surface area that they can be used on kids and adults alike. They effectively cover the patient’s chest and neck area without being uncomfortable or leaving large areas exposed. Just secure with dental clips!
VERSATILE BIBS: Useful for medical professionals, these bibs are also ideal for ink parlors. These bibs provide comfort and hygiene. They can be used to keep work areas clean and safe for both customers and artists. Provide a sanitary work space whether you are in a medical office or a parlor. Stock up on supplies today

Dental Tool Patient Care

Dental Examination Set Mirror Probe Tweezers with Slip Resistant Surface | Dental Tools Dental Pick Oral Care Kit & Pet Oral Care Use | Stainless Steel Dental Hygiene Kit Set

✔STRONG GRIP: surface is specially designed as slip-resistant. You will get a different feel when you hold it.
✔ STAINLESS STEEL, HIGH QUALITY, AND DURABLE: This Dental examination set is stainless steel which makes it rust resistant and scratch resistant. It increases its working life. This also gives it a great look. They are an invaluable addition to any tool kit because they are made to never rust, break, or even bend under strain.
✔DENTAL EXAMINATION SET: This set contains a Dental examination set, Tweezers, and dental mirrors. This product is loved by the general dental practitioners.
✔ CONVENIENT TO USE: There is a 45-degree angle between the mirror and the handle, making it easier for you to inspect hard-to-see areas of your teeth and your eyelashes.