Interdental Brushes

120Pcs Interdental Brush 6 Sizes Braces Brush Toothpicks with Soft Bristles 360° Bendable Floss Heads Dental Brushes Between Teeth Gum Braces Cleaning Kit Oral Tooth Cleaning Tool

  • 【120PCS Value Pack】You will get 120 interdental brushes in 6 colors, each color represents one size. The brushes heads of 6 sizes are suitable for different gaps between teeth. Whether you have narrow or wide gaps between your teeth, uneven teeth, or crowded teeth, you can find the right size. There are sufficient numbers to meet your long-term daily use needs.
  • 【Efficient Oral Cleaning】The toothpicks with bristles can easily clean the food residue, tartar, etc. between the teeth that the toothbrush cannot clean. Help your teeth keep healthy and white. The dental brush can be inserted directly between the teeth to clean up the residue effectively. The 360° bendable brush head can easily clean the blind corners of the braces, crowns, bridges, implants, and teeth.
  • 【Essential Oral Care Tools】These braces brushes are essential oral cleaning tools for the family. Brushing your teeth after using the floss brush will greatly improve the efficiency of oral cleaning. Using these tooth cleaning tools can prevent various oral problems. Keep you away from bad breath, dental plaque, tartar, yellow teeth, toothache, tooth decay, etc.

【High-quality Materials】The braces cleaning kit is made of rubber, steel wire, and nylon wire. Eco-friendly materials, durable, reusable, and safe. Easy to use, you can throw it away after use. Or you can reuse it after washing. The hexagonal handle design gives you better control. Soft bristles and the metal wire at the tip of the brush head are round after special treatment, will not harm your teeth and gums.
【Lightweight & Portable】Interdental brushes are packaged in mixed colors. Each color represents one size, and you can distinguish the size of the brush head according to the color. The brush head is protected by a transparent cover to keep the brush head clean and hygienic. Suitable for home, travel, going out, work, school, and other occasions. Bring you a simple and effective way to clean your teeth, and it is also a good gift for family and friends.