Disposable Prophy Angles Cups

Dental turbine blades polishing prophy cups

Features :

No Splatter – The centrifugal force generated by a normal 360 degree turn prophy angle results in splatterring and mess , our new reciprocating prophy angles eliminates potential splattering of prophy paste , blood and saliva , keeping the prophy paste in the cup where it belongs

No heat – our new reciprocating prophy angles build up much less heat during use , assuring a smooth , cool treatment for your patient .

Effective – Due to less heat generated during use , if necessary more pressure maybe applied to remove stubborn stains .

Faster – Thanks to our innovatively designed reciprocating prophy angles , the prophy cup or brush can be used continuously on the tooth surface , saving valuable chair time .

Safer -the rotational motion of traditional prophy cups and brushes can cause laceration and bleeding of the gums , our new reciprocating prophy angles provide a much safer and pain- free prophylaxis treatment .

Technical parameters :

Maximum speed 5500 RPM
Angle 90 degree
Size 8.5mm
Box 100 pcs in one box