Dental Temporary Material

Crown Veneers Material Anterior Front Back Molar Teeth Dental Temporary Material

  • Made of premium resin, safe and non- toxic
  • Suitable for people who have missing teeth.
  • NOTE: This is for front teeth.
  • Perfect dental material for teeth.
  • teeth crown for temporary use.

This product is safe: Please don’t hesitate to use it. No special treatment is required if inadvertently swallowed, The breakdown products can be metabolized from the body.
No tray or alginate impressions required: no special tools or equipment required, most customers are easy to use and can create a new tooth in minutes, reliable material, safe, can last for several months.We suggest that after the teeth are fixed, a little cold water should be put in the mouth to help the teeth solidify.
Make sure: the denture teeth can help you cover up the missing teeth. They can smile with confidence and are easy to clean. Just use the toothbrush to clean the denture teeth.
Use it: when there are real teeth. Use the right temperature so that you can easily shape your teeth. When the temperature is high, the material is too soft, too thin and not easy to shape. If the temperature is too low, the material is too stiff; Please try.
Practical application: Cosmetic tooth coverings can be attached directly to the teeth. They are easy to use. They can automatically dissolve when they hit hot water, which is convenient for the next use.