Dental Gutta Percha Points

TEMPERATURE-SENSITIVE DESIGN: Gutta percha points can turn soft when heated to 40 degrees Celsius and hard when cooled. This temperature-sensitive design allows for easy manipulation and placement during dental procedures.
EXCELLENT TISSUE AFFINITY: The tight filling and good tissue affinity of these dental plugs make them easy to take out from root canals, reducing the risk of damage to the surrounding tissue.
NON-CONDUCTIVE PROPERTIES: Dental gutta percha points do not conduct heat or electricity, making them convenient and practical to use. This ensures patient safety during dental procedures, reducing the risk of accidental.
VERSATILE APPLICATION: Endodontic root canal fill are suitable for all kinds of pulpitis, pulp necrosis, and bad caries, making them an excellent choice for dental professionals seeking a reliable and versatile dental plug solution.
GOOD MATERIAL: Made of premium rubber material, these dental plugs have excellent plasticity, ensuring a tight and secure fit during use. The package includes 200 pieces, providing great value for money.